Questions to ask your venue

Today I had a really joyful meeting with one couple who is anticipating their wedding in August. It was our second meeting, so we discussed the venues, decor, and catering. Somehow we ended up calling the venues in order to get the tour ASAP, aaand here we are – at one of the Houston’s country clubs, walking around and wandering about services, charges, chairs and similar blah-blah-blah.

Everything was clear and I have already started to bring together the picture in my head. After the tour, the bride told me “we appreciate your presence because we don’t know which questions to ask”. And that’s where I have stopped to think: really, this is for me it is pretty normal to ask about free decorations which they can provide, but for the bride and groom, it’s a hidden gem where they could spend part of their budget while all the items are FREE at this particular venue.

So let us make a list of questions which probably will make your visit to the venue more efficient and informative.

  1. Does venue allow vendors from outside?
  2. Is there any facility rental fee?
  3. Will this venue be open for other events/walk-ins during the wedding?(even partially)
  4. What is the food and beverage minimum?
  5. Do they have a bridal suite?
  6. Are all of the utensils, china, cutlery, tables, chairs, tablecloths and chair covers provided by venue?
  7. What is the cost for damaged tableware/decor/furniture?
  8. What is the latest date when they should know the exact amount of guests?
  9. Does the venue allow candles/rice/sparklers in the premises?
  10. Where is the bridal entrance and exit?
  11. Does the venue allow to attach the decor or draping to the ceiling or the walls?

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