How to order a perfect wedding cake

Today I want to talk about the wedding cake because often the result causes brides and wedding planners to take offense at the baker. However, such situations can be avoided if one knows the cake storage and production features. This knowledge will help you make the right decision and order a cake that will meet your expectations on 100% and you will initially know how much you are risking by planning something extraordinary.

1. When ordering a cake without fondant, remember that it is a product with fresh berries, creams, cheeses, which have quite usual food products properties: melting or secretion of juice. Therefore, ensure that the cake is properly stored immediately after delivery;

2. Note that fondant cakes can form condensation due to a temperature swing which leads to a color change of 1-2 tone;

3. A decor made of cream, cream cheese or soufflé can behave not quite predictably. Especially it concerns delivery of such cakes outside the city limits when the road becomes bumpy and rough. Experienced baker knows how to deliver your cake safely, but if you plan on picking it up yourself, better read 12 Tips for a Successful Cake Delivery.

4. Cakes with unusual decor may not always correspond to the given picture fully, as each baker performs his job differently;

5. A number of bakeries work only with natural dyes and products, so it is not always possible to make the identical color to your pictures. If you are ready to take the risks, be prepared to the fact of color difference by 1-2 tones;

6. The most optimal time of delivery of the cake without fondant is 2-3 hours before serving. Fondant cakes, however, do not require strict time frames for delivery;

7. Move the cake out of the refrigerator to room temperature 1-2 hours prior to serving. Especially it concerns internally frozen cakes.
Well, these are the main nuances and tips for cake handling. I hope you find them useful and I wish you a sweet celebration!


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