5 signs of a Bad DJ

Every style expert will tell you how important it is to pay attention to the details. Watches, shoes, shawl, hair, smell, car. Any incorrectly selected detail can destroy all efforts to make a favorable impression. Some time ago it was ok to let somebody else to choose a DJ but now this is crucial for any kind of medium to large events. Wedding DJ is a professional and it is impossible to become a good event DJ in a short time. One should spend at least several years in this kind of profession. Event DJ for a long time is an independent creative unit on the celebration and his selection should be done precisely and the host should take a direct part in this process. However, if you let somebody else choose a DJ for you then prepare yourself for possible signs of bad DJ.

5 simple signs of a bad DJ:

1. The DJ at your event sits

What kind of energy will he give you while sitting? A sitting DJ brings down the “price tag” of the event. Professionals always work standing;

2. The DJ is standing by the table identical to the guest one

There is nothing worse than a low-rise table covered with a white tablecloth. This looks just inappropriate at the wedding. Therefore, a professional will surely bring his own high table (or at least will check in advance with the venue on the availability of proper table). Have you seen the low table? You obviously overpaid;

3. DJ works in an everyday outfit

It means he did not change clothes and did not change shoes into a solemn, appropriate way according to the event. Ideally, the image of the DJ should be at the level of the most elegant guest at your wedding;

4. DJ did not contact you in advance

Whether it was directly, through the event planner or coordinator, if he did not identify your musical preferences, did not discuss the blacklist and other important musical accents, it means he is basically doing it for the first time!

5. Wire alert!

A professional DJ has all the cables under control, he ties them up, and does not let them hang like a vine in a wild jungle. You don’t want your perfect wedding pictures to be ruined by messy DJ table, don’t you?

According to these signs alone, it is highly possible that most of the photos from the wedding with such a DJ will be hidden in the folder far-far away and  it will be shameful to share such pictures in social networks.

In conclusion, be sure to specify what kind of DJ you will have. Look at his social networks and accounts in the biggest wedding websites like Weddingwire and The Knot. Contact him and keep in touch right until the event. And, of course, DO MEET HIM! DJs do not bite 🙂

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