Wedding in burgundy color – a choice of aristocrats

The wine palette is incredibly rich and, moreover, these colors have a very aristocratic and elegant appearance. If evenings with a Bordeaux glass are one of your couple’s favorite leisure options, why not consider a burgundy as the main color for your future wedding? Noble Bordeaux is ideal for the cold season because it will promote a warm and cozy atmosphere at your celebration. Let us tell you in detail how to create a wedding design in this color palette.

Wedding Decor

A rich burgundy color will give your special day even more solemnity and uniqueness. It is interesting that this shade can be used both as the main color and as an accent. So, for example, you can decorate a hall with a burgundy or cherry draping. But it is worth remembering that undiluted burgundy color can have a somewhat gloomy appearance, so add white or cream to the dark fabrics. Since the fabric of this color should not have strict lines and sharp transitions from color to color, it’s better to hire a professional to decorate the venue. Regarding the sweetheart table, note that a good kind of table will have a tablecloth of rich burgundy color, on top of which you can lay a table runner in one of the shades of white. Tables for guests may be decorated with cherry tablecloths, which will look amazing with white-washed napkins and dishes.


Bride & Groom style

The concept of a burgundy wedding should also be supported by the bride and groom. If you are want to stun everyone with your personality and creativity, you can go with the burgundy wedding dress – it not only will look spectacular, but also will make a huge statement. But if you want to get married in a traditional white dress pay special attention to the choice of accessories, the color of which should match the wedding color palette. So, for example, you can choose pumps or sandals, belt for a dress, or even a wreath in the cherry color. In addition, consider a make-up and manicure as an addition to your juicy color scheme.

Talking about groom’s outfit, there may be a dark maroon tuxedo or a classic black suit with some burgundy accessories like a tie, a pocket square or a watch band.

Flowers for the burgundy wedding

Floral part is very important for every celebration, and wedding in burgundy tones is, of course, not an exception. It is not a problem to find flowers in cherry and burgundy tones. Just do not forget to mix them with greenery and flowers in light pastel colors. The classic combination, as already mentioned above, is burgundy and white. For the bridal bouquet, you can choose roses, gerberas, dahlias or any other flowers of the appropriate color. Always start with the seasonal flowers in order to save your budget.

Wedding Accessories

Each, even the smallest detail of your future wedding should match the overall color scheme of your big day. Boutonnieres, invitations, seating cards, menus, and favors should be either cherry or burgundy color with additions of light shades. Important! Try not to overload neither accessories nor space with too dark and saturated tones since the wedding, even the most stylish one, should be mostly of bright colors. Keep the burgundy in “accent zone” only and your event will stay in the memory of your guests for a long time!

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