Professional photographers share the secrets of best wedding photo shoot

Many times, while planning weddings I encounter couples who are not much interested in photography part of their Big Day. Guys, this is so wrong! Just imagine, you planned a perfect nuptials with marvelous decor, flowers and amazing ambiance and months after you receive pictures which are just dull, your partner has a sweat on his forehead and at the reception everything looks super dark and you cannot notice any of those costly decorations. Therefore, please spend some time to choose the right professional photographer who will help you to unleash the real beauty of your wedding photo shoot.

But remember that you are also have to do something!

Most of all, the result of photography is influenced by the attitude of the newlyweds. Honestly, this is 90 percent success. If the couple is tense or in a bad mood, then no matter how good everything is, the shooting process will be difficult. Oppositely, if the newlyweds are happy, no matter what happens, no matter what force majeors happen on this day, everything will be very cool anyway.

The atmosphere created by all the people at the wedding (the guests and the team of professionals) is also a great influence.

The second biggest influence on wedding photo is the style. This applies to the concept of decor and the style of the couple itself. As a rule, everything is ideal when professionals are involved for their particular parts, because they can see from the different angle what the couple is looking for and how to achieve that.

In my practice there were a lot of brides with a very developed sense of taste, but they still hired a wedding designer who can professionally create a wedding concept and knows how to implement it. The most elegant and appropriate style for a wedding is black-tie. It harmoniously suits both newlyweds and guests. This is a failure when a wedding takes place in inappropriate clothing like shorts, T-shirts.

The key to the successful pictures, of course, is how the wedding planners worked. They can also affect the visual component (for example, do everything to ensure that guests comply with the dress code) and the atmosphere of the party. It is also important for the photographer to get a timeline of the wedding day which will help him navigate the schedule. The best thing is a teamwork, when the planners and the photographer discuss color palettes and other important details in advance.

Photo redacting can also damage the picture. There are customers who really want their photos to be heavily retouched and this applies not to skin only, but also to the silhouette. Most photographers agree that this is wrong for a wedding photo as well as a complete lack of retouching. When we meet a person, we see a “smoothed” image and that is how our vision and perception work. The photo reflects an every detail of the person, and retouch acts in a role of this “smoother” of an image. Therefore, it is always and always important to follow the rule of happy medium.

I hope this post was helpful for you and your upcoming event! Don’t forget to send us your topics!

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