Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco

Wedding style is the most style is the most important decision to make before you start planning anything.

There are numbers of styles to go with and usually we see something elegant, romantic and traditional, but why not try something different like Art Nouveau or Art Deco style?

Both styles look very similar unless you know the most important distinctive features: Art Nouveau is decorative flowery style while Art Deco is more streamlined and sleek.

Both styles emerged almost at the same time – Art Nouveau was reigning from 1880 till World War I, and Art Deco – after the WWI until WWII. The best way to tell the difference is to make a “curves vs. angles” test. If you see soft flowing curves with floral elements then it’s definitely Art Nouveau. On the other hand, if the accent is on strict edges, angles and geometry then more likely it is Art Deco.

Finally, look at the famous Titanic movie – dresses and overall restaurants’ atmosphere is definitely Art Nouveau while Great Gatsby is 100% Art Deco style.

Find inspirations for your stylish wedding on our Pinterest boards:

Art Nouveau

Art Deco

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