How to choose right photographer?

When you plan a gorgeous event you imagine smiling faces, good entourage, perfect weather conditions and, of course, neither smeared lipstick nor spinach in the teeth! But how is that possible to manage all that and still fully enjoy the celebration? The answer is – PHOTOGRAPHERS.

These guys are not just owners of some expensive cameras and other “pro-like equipment” but they have hours/months/years of experience which will result in difference like this:


Real professional photographer will guide you throughout the whole event and will make sure everything looks good.

Personally, I used to work with many photographers and I noticed that some of them just don’t care to help you with the posture, hair or facial emotions. You don’t see yourself while snapping pics unless it is selfie, right? So, why do you need to worry about having bad pictures if you already pay to somebody to take care of it? Righty-right, that is photographer’s responsibility to make sure you will be happy with the final product – pictures of your event and yourself.

Here, at Event Planner HOU we will find the best photographer in Houston just for you and your budget and we will make sure you are satisfied with the service! Give us call or leave a message and your gorgeous event will be captured at the best angle!