Wedding Planning and Coordination

I do!

And this is not the end of some tacky romantic movie – it is the beginning of your beautiful journey into the life where you share every moment with the loved one.

And of course, in order to celebrate the transition from being single to married we are doing THE WEDDING.

Have you noticed, how many there are articles and posts “How to overcome wedding stress”, “How to plan the wedding budget”, “Where to cut expences on your wedding”, “Wedding Vendors and Venues”… I can continue the list but I am sure you have alredy understood the scope of my thoughts.

If you cannot spend all your free time on looking for the best prices for linen or vases (just imagine how many hours of your life you will spend on these irrelevant manipulations!) then welcome to Event Planner HOU!

Just send us a short request for quote and don’t forget to include the Date, number of guests and budget and we will go from there!